The Spot


The Spot: Where Lives Transform!
‘The Spot: Where Lives Transform!’ is a Unique Community-Base Family Center and Event Venue designed specifically to address Post-Modern and Urban issues and concerns in the 21st Century; by elevating the community to become productive citizens through a variety of relevant services, especially in neighborhoods with the greatest needs. ‘The Spot’ is also created for the purpose of providing a place where the community can go to enjoy Positive and Clean Entertainment and Fellowship, which exposes, engages and empowers our families, especially our youth and young adults, to become critical thinkers, socially accountable and productive citizens.

The Spot: The Location
‘The Spot: Where Lives Transform!’ is located in The North Rim Center in North Huntsville AL. The address is 5045 N. Memorial Parkway, Suite B, Huntsville AL 35810. Our telephone(s): (256) 469-6732 office, (256) 469-6736 fax and (256) 698-9749 director’s mobile.

The Spot: The Mission
‘The Spot: Where Lives Transform!’ has a mission “To Save A Lost Generation At All Costs” while assisting “Generation Y” and underserved individuals in our communities to accomplish the following:

(1) Choose and Make Good Decisions,
(2) Become Self-Sufficient, Positive and Productive Citizens
(3) Become Educated in a Employable Career or Vocation and Live Debt Free
(4) Maintain Healthy lifestyles.
(5) Achieve Peace (Personal Success) through Professional and Spiritual Coaching