Given all that the Stric’ly Ministry is engaged in, (i.e. Media Ministries: [radio and television broadcasts], Transforming DC7 Tours, Events, Concerts and Conferences, Prayer Ministry, Bible Study, Empowerment, Entrepreneur and Life Skill classes, Homeless-To-Homes initiatives, Urban Evangelism Services, Youth/Young Adult Crusades and revivals, etc.), it is critical that we are able to have the financial resources to execute our mission.

Put simply, we need you! We need your prayers and we need your financial gifts and support. Your donations are critical to the continued operations of Stric’ly Jesus and our ability to share the transforming gospel, message and truth of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Whether it’s $10, $50, $100 or $1,000.00 each month, all donations, both large and small, are sincerely welcomed and appreciated.

Let us all work collectively to “Save A Lost Generation At All Costs!” Then Jesus can soon return (Matthew 24:14).

Use the Christ N Da’ Midst of… album as our gift [$10 or more]

Headquarters: Stric’ly Jesus Ministries, 117 Dartmouth Drive, Madison, AL 35757

Telephone: 815.272.5232 (Chicago, IL Branch) or 256.698.9749 (Huntsville, AL Branch)