Meet The Founder

The Spot: Meet The Founder
Frederick A. Whitlow II, affectionately known, as ‘Minister Fred II’ is the Founder and CEO of Stric’ly Jesus, Inc DBA The Spot: Where Lives Transform! He began Stric’ly Jesus, Inc. in 1989 and his passion for the Arts continues to grow daily. Under his direction, Stric’ly Jesus, Inc has produced countless events including The DC7 Tour (2004), the No More Dirty Conference (2005) and Television (2012 – which airs every Wednesday morning from 6-7am on The Valley’s CW Network). With more than 20 years’ experience he has worked all sides of the entertainment business from being an artist himself, to producing albums and the planning and executing of major events in cites throughout the United States and abroad. Fred understands the impact of his ministry and he is 100% focused on pointing the way through Character and Faith.

As a Service Professional, he has more than 5 years’ experience with the at-risk populations. He has served as the assistant to the Warden and Chaplain of Religious Services for Bridge City Correctional Center for Youth (Department of Correction and Juvenile Justice System in New Orleans, Louisiana). Fred holds his Bachelors of Science Degree in Organizational Management from Oakwood University and presently serves the public housing and section 8 residents for the Huntsville Housing Authority as the Youth and Family Services Coordinator.

He is internationally known as a facilitator, speaker, gospel rapper, mentor, community activist, advocate for education and Christian entrepreneur and mogul. He dedicates his time to church, mentoring, serving the community, teaching, planning and organizing events. Having a pulse on Urban and Post-Modern communities in the 21st Century, he has committed his time to the cultivation and betterment of life for families, especially those with the greatest needs, desiring to be self-sufficient and productive in society. It is for this reason that ‘The Spot: Where Lives Transform!’ is birthed and this proposal for support and sponsorship is written.